Handmade Chocolates


South Hill Enterprise produces fabulous Irish Handmade Chocolates. The chocolate is made using traditional Belgian techniques and filled with a wide variety of delicious flavours. The chocolates are available in the following box sizes.

480g · 220g · 170g · 65g · Box of one and two chocolates.

The boxes of one and two chocolates have proven to be very popular for weddings as well as within the corporate gift market. Another major reason for the chocolates’ success is because we can personalise the boxes with names and date of marriage. The boxes are available in White, Ivory and Gold. The chocolates may also be purchased on platters to place in your own boxes.

All of our products can be incorporated into hampers, which can become the perfect gift for every occasion. Part of the success of South Hill Chocolates is that they taste so good; people just keep coming back for more.

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