About Us

South Hill Enterprise is a subsidiary of the Muiriosa Foundation, an organisation which is dedicated to providing care for people with disabilities. South Hill Enterprise was founded in 1993 as a two year Horizon – Funded Venture. Its primary objective was to provide employment and training opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

The enterprise was established in St. Mary’s, South Hill, Delvin, but moved to an I. D. A. unit in Athboy, Co Meath in May 1994. It is from here that our business continues to operate today. We currently employ 13 people with intellectual disability, supported by 3 full-time supervisors and two part-time supervisors.

One of our main product lines is chocolate. The Belgian connection comes via the Horizons Fund’s emphasis on promoting collaboration between E. U. member states and also the Sisters’ own origins, in Flanders, Belgium. The chocolate making technique employed at the enterprise has been developed under the personal directions of Mr. Martin Van Der Berg from De Werkgaard, Ghent in Belgium.